Gra-Coil Reducer


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♦ Gra-Coil recoil reducers professionally installed!
They are the finest spring system recoil reducers available!  They are adjustable to the shooter; and once set, will give recoil reduction with all competition loads.  The fully adjustable pad plates allow positioning the pad for drop, cast and tilt.
"LOP Model " is the same recoil reducer Browning Arms Company used on the BT-99 "Golden Clay" trap gun.  In addition to the above features it is adjustable up to 3/4 inch for length of pull.
"Standard Model" has all the features of the "LOP Model" except is NOT adjustable for length of pull.  Adds 1 inch to the stock length and stock may have to be shortened.

NOTE:  Due to gun manufacturer's design or aftermarket alterations not all stocks may be suitable for Gra-Coil.