WCR043 - 1866 Winchester
Engraved Lever Action Repeater Rifle

Presentation engraved and inscribed. Trace of original gold plating finish on engraved brass frame, butt plate and forearm cap. Metal parts have blue/brown patina with markings deep and profound. Serial in the 36,000's

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WCR035 - Winchester Model 1895 Takedown, 24 inch Barrel, 35 W.C.F. Cal.

95% original blue on barrel and assembly, 90% plus original blue on lever and magazine, receiver has some remaining original blue and blue turned brown, balance untouched gray steel, with Lyman receiver sight, and barrel iron sights, bore excellent.  Wood solid with nice grain, with some handling marks, crescent steel butt plate.  Manufactured 1913.
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WCR007 - Winchester 1892 Takedown Rifle, 25 W.C.F. Cal.

24 inch octagon barrel with semi-buckhorn rear sight and blade bead front sight, excellent relined bore, 80% overall original blue brown metal and original wood finish with crescent steel butt plate, manufactured 1913.
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18 inch round barrel, retains some original blue, also some blue added, some spots of rust and pits, original solid Winchester stock with original Winchester black Winchester marked hard rubber butt plate, 80% original wood finish, all markings deep and clear, produced in the early 1900's, bore good, NRA antique grading very good to fine.
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Winchester Pre-64 Rifles

W127032T - Winchester Thumb Trigger Model 99, 22 Short and Long Cal.

26 inch octagon barrel with replaced sights, dark riflings bore, blue/brown metal finish and solid original wood with crescent steel butt plate, manufactured 1898.
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26 inch 1/2 round and 1/2 octagon barrel, button magazine, folding tang peep sight and iron barrel sights, about 70% original blue remaining overall, color case hardening visable on lever and hammer. Original wood finish with some finish added. Bore is excellent. 62,000 range serial number, dates of manufacture shows 1896.
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WCR008 - Winchester 1894 Rifle, 38-55 Cal.

WCR110 - Winchester 1894 Rifle, 30 W.C.F. Cal.

WCR200 - Winchester 1885 Rifle, 32-40 Cal.

30 inch, number 3 octagon barrel, blue turned brown with original rear and front sights, bore is fair with good riflings, receiver case hardened with a trace of some color in hidden areas, action crisp, screws sharp not buggered, original crescent steel butt plate, wood solid with some original finish with handing wear with some gouges and stamped initials, still very good wood to metal fit, no cracks or breaks.  All original.  Manufactured 1889.
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