7/8 inch diameter (no longer produced).  Complete with original 7/8 diameter rings.  New in original box with owners manual.
Please call for price.

W000S101 - Alaskan 2.5X All Steel American Made Scope

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Redfield Scope

W0000S38 - Redfield, 4X

Centered reticle, 1 inch tube, crosshair, 98% original blue. Made in U.S.A.
Weaver Scopes
W0000S43 - Weaver
2 1/2 X7, V-7
Internal adjustment, crosshair, 95% original blue.
W0000S48 - Weaver K-6, 6X
Reticle not centered crosshair, Redfield ring, 95% original blue.
W0000S50 - Weaver K-6-L-S, 6X
Crosshair not centered, 90% original blue, lens marks
W0000S78 - Weaver Challenger C4W, 4X
W0000S80 - Weaver Challenger C4R, 4X
Original rings, NEW.
W0000S81 - Weaver Challenger C4R, 4X
Dual X, original box, NEW IN BOX.
Alaskan Scope
Dual X crosshair, steel tube, 98% orignal blue, original matt rings.