BT-99 Shotguns

WSB419 - Browning BT-99 with Adjustable Buttplate & Comb, 2 3/4 inch Chamber, 12 Ga.,
                                                                                                                             34 inch Barrel
• Graco adjustable comb makes it easy to dial-in a perfect fit             • Inflex II recoil pad
• Graco butt pad plate adjusts for angle and location                 • Manual extractor
• Satin finish walnut stock                                        • Ivory front sight with mid-bead
• Ideal for trap of course                                                                      Please call for price.
WSB611 - Browning BT-99 Micro with Adjustable LOP, 12 Ga.,  32 inch Barrel
• Graco butt pad plate allows for adjustment of length of pull (LOP),       • Trap-style recoil pad
  toe in/out and up/down                                           • Ivory front sight with mid-bead               
• Satin finish walnut stock with length of pull that                       • Ideal for trap
  that adjusts between 13 1/4" - 14 3/8"                                                             Please call for price.
• Satin finish walnut stock                                        • Manual extractor
• Trap-style recoil pad                                                         • Ivory front sight with mid-bead
                                                                                            Please call for price.
WSB600 - Browning BT-99 Micro, 12 Ga.,  30 inch Barrel