Winchester Pre-64 Other Pump Shotgun
30 inch barrel, 40% to 50% origianl blue turned brown, replaced new walnut stocks with checkered steel butt plate,
manufactured 1896.                                                                       Please call for price.

WCS026 - Winchester Model 1893 (Antique) Hammer Pump Repeater, 12 Ga.

WCS605 - Winchester Model 25, 12 Ga., 2 3/4 Inch Chamber

28 inch, FULL choke, pump action shotgun, solid frame, has beed refered to as ("the non-take down version of the model 12") only about 88,000 produced only in 12 ga. from 1949 to 1954 , this gun in 1200 serial number range. This gun appears unfired and retains overall 99% plus original blue and overall 98% plus original wood finish with only some very light handling marks. A must for an American made pump action shotgun collection.                                            Please call for price.